How to select a good Student Accommodation in Leeds

Looking for the new and good student accommodation as an internationaly student in Leeds can be a challenge, especially if you have just arrived in Leeds. You need to consider what type of student accommodation is best for you, share, rent or a homestay; what suburb to choose and how much money will you spend for your good accommodation in Leeds.

The things to consider when you choosing a student accommodation Leeds:


If you decide to share your room with another students or partners, you will save your some accomodation expence, get to know other people and practice your English (if you share with someone not from your country :) and many disadvantages to consider include not being able to get along with other person in the room and a lack of privacy.

Renting a room

If you want to renting your own room there are many advantages, including privacy, having own place to relax and arrange it the way you want. This option will certainly cost you more. Renting a room will still give you options to meet another students, if the rented room is in a house or 2+ bedroom apartment.


Live with British family - This option is usually most expensive in Leeds, but this way gives you a great chance to get to know local people, practice your English, travel around Leeds and other cities in United kingdom (if the family is nice, they may take you for a few trips around Leeds and other cities in United Kingdom) The food is usually included in the fees. By choosing this option, you may need to give up a bit of freedom, meaning you need to 'obey the rules', such as the dinner time or not staying up too late. But it all depends on the choice of the family.

Accomodation Locations

Being a full time student means that you have to go to school or college. One thing to consider is the distance of your residence from your institution. How far is it by bus, train or walking? Consider travel expenses - you may get cheaper accommodation further from your institution, but your weekly travel expenses increase and remember, as an international student, you don’t have any student discounts when using public transport.

Another factor to consider is the job opportunities near in your area of Leeds. Again, you don't want to spend hours every day travelling to and from your work.

Furnished or Unfurnished student accommodation Leeds consider this when choosing a good residence. Furnished accomodation will be more expensive for you, but you won't have to buy your own furniture and moving out will be much easier.


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