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Lahore Development Authority Sealed - The Revenue Record Of Mustafa city Plots

The Lahore Development Authority features a sealed revenue record associated with the sale, purchase, allotments and transfer of most of the plots in Mustafa city Housing theme. The step was taken when LDA Director General Ahad Cheema discovered irregularities following public complaints. Right now, the officers have sealed the record of 2000 plots out of 2700 and plots in Mustafa city.

After directed by the authorities, LDA extra Director General (Headquarters) Mariam Kayani visited record space and took Mustafa Town’s record in her custody. a 3 member committee is made that's headed by Director (Admin) Khalid Pervaiz and comprising Director (Estate Management) Muhammad Nauman Khan and Director (Land Development) Muazzam Rasheed, that sealed the record for security purpose. Ahad Cheema, LDA DG has transferred WASA Deputy Director Abdul Karim as a Deputy Directorate of 1 Window Operations of the LDA workplace in Johar city. Muhammad Anwar Siddiqui, deputy director (law) in LDA city designing Wing, was transferred within the law directorate to traumatize cases within the Lahore High Court.

DCO Lahore, Noor ul Amin Mengal has taken notice of slow pace of development work within the town and directed the respective departmental heads to accomplish the task before June, 2012 and submit report back to him.


Student Accommodation Leeds is the value of accommodation

There are mostly students demand for beautiful and good accommodation in the Leeds. There have been record applications for University places in the UK this year and once again students will find there is an under-supply of student accommodation to meet their needs.

The student accommodation Leeds sector is now recognized as students property sector and looking forward for good investment portfolio. Leeds is the UK’s leading regional cities that present the best opportunities to invest.

Leeds university has identified in 20 top Universities in United Kingdom and other universities are ranked them according to investment potential. With 30 higher education institutions, Leeds has the highest concentration of students in the UK, but a structural under supply of student accommodation Leeds providing value accommodation at an affordable rent.

Student accommodation in all of the UK the regions outperformed all other property asset classes in the year to December 2010 and the strong performance of the regions is being driven by the imbalance in supply and demand.


Leeds University has painted grim picture of international student

The international students are being placed at risk in the university residence mart, with rogue landlords overstacking rooms or demanding sexual favours in return for accommodation.

The report recommends prosecuting universities that, for the financial reasons, understate the difficulties of obtaining an affordable residence to students. It also urges governments to boost the availability of affordable residence, and for councils to be given greater powers to clamp down on unprincipled landlords.

Leeds University study has painted a grim picture of international student residence, with experts calling for a nationwide crackdown on operators and institutions that place profit ahead of social responsibility.

The Monash university researcher cited cases in which landlords had filled tiny rooms with multiple students in a bid to maximise their return, or in some of the worst scenarios, had asked for sexual favours from vulnerable students in addition to rent and accommodation.

United kingdom is in the midst of a housing crisis that is having a very negative impact on the safety and welfare of international students. The education suppliers, recruitment agencies and government regulators need to engage with the international education market in a manner that is socially responsible even as they strive to profit, (and) regulations that limit the capacity of landlords to endanger the lives and wellbeing of international students require urgent review.

The report was based on interviews with 150 international students from four British universities. It also found:

The price of living in university residence increased by 37% between 2002 and 2006.

That a proportion of the profits for university accommodation should be redirected into housing support services for international students.

Accommodation built through public-private partnerships is even more costly to students but the conditions can often be worse.

Some institutions were taking "kickbacks" in return for getting to stay in particular student accommodation leeds, as well as bonuses for high occupancy rates.

Tenants Union of Victoria chief executive Mark O'Brien said the Coburg property was certainly not an isolated case, but the union found it hard to convince international students to speak openly because of fears they will be thrown out of the property and have nowhere to go.


How to select a good Student Accommodation in Leeds

Looking for the new and good student accommodation as an internationaly student in Leeds can be a challenge, especially if you have just arrived in Leeds. You need to consider what type of student accommodation is best for you, share, rent or a homestay; what suburb to choose and how much money will you spend for your good accommodation in Leeds.

The things to consider when you choosing a student accommodation Leeds:


If you decide to share your room with another students or partners, you will save your some accomodation expence, get to know other people and practice your English (if you share with someone not from your country :) and many disadvantages to consider include not being able to get along with other person in the room and a lack of privacy.

Renting a room

If you want to renting your own room there are many advantages, including privacy, having own place to relax and arrange it the way you want. This option will certainly cost you more. Renting a room will still give you options to meet another students, if the rented room is in a house or 2+ bedroom apartment.


Live with British family - This option is usually most expensive in Leeds, but this way gives you a great chance to get to know local people, practice your English, travel around Leeds and other cities in United kingdom (if the family is nice, they may take you for a few trips around Leeds and other cities in United Kingdom) The food is usually included in the fees. By choosing this option, you may need to give up a bit of freedom, meaning you need to 'obey the rules', such as the dinner time or not staying up too late. But it all depends on the choice of the family.

Accomodation Locations

Being a full time student means that you have to go to school or college. One thing to consider is the distance of your residence from your institution. How far is it by bus, train or walking? Consider travel expenses - you may get cheaper accommodation further from your institution, but your weekly travel expenses increase and remember, as an international student, you don’t have any student discounts when using public transport.

Another factor to consider is the job opportunities near in your area of Leeds. Again, you don't want to spend hours every day travelling to and from your work.

Furnished or Unfurnished student accommodation Leeds consider this when choosing a good residence. Furnished accomodation will be more expensive for you, but you won't have to buy your own furniture and moving out will be much easier.


How students have a better opportunity to concentrate?

Most of the students who come to study in Leeds opt for serviced apartments over hotels. Leeds is full of websites that provide cheap hotels for students but majority of students decide to pay a little more and stay in apartments.

Students have realized over a period that apartments are more comfortable and homely than hotels. Moreover, they are more spacious and well equipped. Those students who can not afford the rental of apartments have also found a way out to avoid staying in hotels.

These students make groups, take an apartment, and stay there on sharing basis. There are a variety of apartments available in Leeds such as 2 rooms set, 3 rooms set, fully furnished, partially furnished, and so on.

Leeds has a lot of popular universities. Students come here to study and stay in apartments or hotels in Leeds city centre. This article aims to help students to find rental apartments in Leeds. These universities have tie ups with apartments and hotels in Leeds, UK. It has been observed that hotels do not make for very good accommodations when compared to serviced apartments.

Leeds has a lot of websites that offer apartments for long duration stay for students. It is advisable for the universities to search through the internet to find Student accommodation Leeds that best suit their interests. If you are in a position to shell out a little more for your child’s stay in Leeds, you can go in for a luxury apartment instead of a serviced apartment.

Leeds is full of real estate agencies that can provide you a wide range of luxury apartments available on rent, to choose from. These apartments are very comfortable and the complimentary services provided by their customer service executives create a home like atmosphere for students.

Students have a better opportunity to concentrate on their studies rather than fighting with various challenges related to staying away from their home. ST Marks Flats is a family owned estate in Leeds, student letting Leeds. Our Headingly office specializes in student accommodation in Leeds, however our City Centre office focuses on property for sale and property to rent predominantly within North Leeds and Leeds City Centre.